Getting that workout in will actually change the way you think about business and bring you more success



Getting that workout in will actually change the way you think about business and bring you more success



When I first started down this road of entrepreneurship, I took a lot of habits from my 9–5 desk job with me.

I clung to the idea that sitting at my computer for 8+ hours a day was necessary to be successful in business. The smallest deviation from that schedule, like going for a mid-day run, sent me snowballing in negative thoughts that I’d never “make it” if I wasn’t at my desk, busy 100% of the time.

But after years of training for marathons, I’ve shifted my mindset. I’ve found that my own version of success is actually one in which I can start work an hour later to fit in that run or take a break to go for a mid-day hike.

In fact, those actions that I was afraid would stunt my growth as an entrepreneur are the very same ones that have gotten me where I am today, with a life and business that feels balanced and thriving.

Here’s how getting that workout in will actually change the way you think about business and bring you more success even if you feel like you NEVER have time:


You’ll have more energy

It seems counterintuitive, but including exercise as part of your daily routine will actually increase your energy rather than deplete it. I encourage all my clients to make time for some form of movement (even if it’s a walk around the block!) in their daily routine. Endorphins are a beautiful thing, and you’ll find that with consistent workouts you’ll actually start to feel more grounded, positive, and productive in your day-to-day and that can have life-changing results. My best ideas always come to me on my morning run, which sure beats staring at a blank page and blinking cursor, wondering what to write about for this week’s newsletter.


You’ll experience how small, consistent efforts lead to results

If you’re a more seasoned entrepreneur, you’ve likely heard the phrase “it’s a marathon, not a sprint” in relation to entrepreneurship. I’m a strong believer that if you stick with any sort of exercise for 30 minutes each day, you WILL see results. I’ve experienced this same thing, no matter the workout, whether it be running, pilates, or daily walks with my pup. By regularly showing up for my workouts, I’ve seen how small, consistent efforts lead to long-lasting transformations. And this goes for business too. Consistent marketing efforts will always yield more results than simply posting once and claiming that it didn’t work. That would be like running the 100-meter dash and wondering why you didn’t drop 20 lbs. that day. Staying consistent in one area of your life will always have a ripple effect, making it easier to bring those same habits into your business too.


You’ll embrace the challenge as part of the journey

Even if you’re not a distance runner, I’m sure you can appreciate that not all parts of a marathon are fun. There’s the early morning wake-up call, a lot of waiting around at the start, not to mention how heavy my legs feel toward the end. It can be a struggle and isn’t all fun, but it IS all part of the experience. Just like in business, there are times that push me outside my comfort zone and stretch me in ways I didn’t know I could. But the challenge is part of the journey and it’s one of the fundamental ways you’ll grow in both life and business. This means that it’s actually ok that those sales calls still feel uncomfortable and networking events feel awkward because you’re pushing your comfort zone, learning, and GROWING, and when you experience growth, results follow.


You’ll listen to your intuition and become comfortable making adjustments

Running consistently has taught me to listen to my body and adjust as needed. I’ve learned to slow down and steady my pace when I’m approaching a hill so that I don’t feel winded and uncomfortable. I’ve found that I can lean in and pick up the pace on a downhill to make up time. But most of all, I’ve learned to listen to my intuition, anticipate what my body is needing, and adjust accordingly. That same skill is endlessly valuable in business. Listening to your gut, recognizing moments to capitalize on, and adjusting when things aren’t going according to plan will always serve you well as an entrepreneur. So when your intuition says you’re undercharging and it’s time to raise your rates, you’ll be more likely to actually listen, and profit as a result.


You’ll learn that rest and recovery are essential to success

Did you know that muscle is actually built during the rest and recovery periods (aka your time off) rather than in the exercise itself? So as important as it is to do the work and take those consistent efforts to reach your goals, it’s actually equally important to take time off. Failure to recover can lead to injury or in business, burnout. So it’s time to stop feeling guilty for those rest days and start viewing them as an essential strategy for success. Because binging on This Is Us (yessss Hulu, I’m still watching) and Taco Tuesdays with girlfriends are 100% necessary to refuel.


The bottom line 

As an entrepreneur, your personal development and business development are endlessly intertwined (one always affects the other!) so pouring energy into a workout is actually part of the work to keep you happy, healthy and functioning at your best in both work AND life.


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