How setting stretch goals in my biz led to more clients than ever before (and how you can steal it right now)

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How setting stretch goals in my biz led to more clients than ever before (and how you can steal it right now)



I’ll be the first to admit that I had a major mindset block around setting ANY kind of goals in my biz for quite a while.

I think back to what was going through my head at that time.

For so long, my business felt like something that happened outside of me.

I felt at the whim of everyone else.

Every lead that came in, every design project I landed, every invoice that was paid, felt so outside of my control.

And I don’t know about you, but “out of control” and “at the whim of everyone else” aren’t exactly ideal marketing strategies, if you know what I mean.

I noticed a HUGE shift when I finally got the right support.

I was finally about to step into the mindset I needed to SET big goals in my business.

Not only that, but I set big goals and deeply trusted in my ability to hit them.

I actually got excited about hitting them, rather than wanting to go hide in a corner somewhere or worse, taking sporadic action that didn’t lead anywhere at all.

But I want to talk about a particular three-week span between my wedding and my honeymoon when I decided to do something crazy.

I decided I was going ALL IN on my latest business efforts.

I was on an absolute effing mission to create more impact and income and I was willing to show up in a way that I hadn’t before.

Don’t get me wrong, things were good.

Clients were happy.

The business was chugging along.

But I knew that I had been holding myself back from what was possible for me in my biz.

I knew that if I committed to showing up on a whole new level, I would see a whole new level of results.

And that’s exactly what happened, in a way that was way easier and more aligned than I could have ever expected.

So this week, I’m going deep on how setting a stretch goal in my business allowed me to step into the mindset I needed to book more clients than ever before and how you can apply this same thinking to your business RIGHT NOW for more results (more quickly).

I decided to go all-in

It’s amazing the amount of brain space that was cleared up when I was no longer trying to plan a wedding AND run a business at the same time. Talk about relief. It felt a little bit like an out of body experience and while I was happy to have that clarity and space back, I was a bit at a loss as to where to start. I knew that I wanted to realign my focus. I knew that I wanted to make more of an impact and land even more coaching clients because I had become obsessed with the conversations I was having and THE RESULTS people were emailing me with after only one (free, mind you!) call.

Which is when the idea of setting a stretch goal was born. Now let me be the first to say that I’ve never really used stretch goals in this way before. I didn’t really understand them. I couldn’t see how simply stating a number and then trying to make it happen was going to make a difference. I mean, I was always trying to land more clients, wasn’t I? But this time it was different.

ENERGETICALLY I was in a different place. And the main difference was that I decided to believe that it was possible to hit my goal. I decided I was going to do everything in my power to take action from THAT place instead of the one that had me sitting in stories and self-doubt (because yes I do this work for a living, and yes I’m still human and still have my doubts!).

I decided that I was going to land TWENTY of my free Master Your Money Mindset coaching calls before I left for my honeymoon in roughly two weeks. Saying it out loud gave me that pit in the bottom of my stomach feeling—nervousness mixed with excitement. The feeling of going ALL IN.

I made it visual

It’s no surprise that I got REALLY into my stretch goal and went to work making it a reality the best way I knew how—by making it visual. Now you ladies know that I am SUCH a fan of vision boards as an amazing tool for making those big, dreamy goals a reality. But this time, I went about it a different way. A way that felt more aligned to what I was looking to create and how I wanted to create it. I decided that I was going to create SPACE for my dreamy clients to book these 20 free money mindset calls by literally drawing blank spots on a chalkboard. A tip I picked up from the ladies over at Being Boss.

And when I say I created a chalkboard, I mean this was a legit arts and crafts project. I picked out an amazing framed one at Target (of course!) which became my blank slate. I carefully drew out 20 lines with a chalkboard marker, one for each space I was looking to fill with square and a number next to each.

The reason I mention this is because I think the physical process of putting this together was an important part of getting my mindset on board. It was meditative in a way. It allowed me to focus energetically on my goal. I focused on what it would feel like to fill those spots. I imagined writing each name in. I felt the joy and fulfillment I would have on these calls, just deeply knowing I would create more impact and income.

And each time a call booking came in, it was like a mini celebration. The ACT of writing names on the chalkboard became almost as exciting as the calls themselves. I was absolutely delighted when I saw them pop up in my inbox. I’d stop everything, grab my marker, and write it on the board. I’ve found that the energy of celebration almost always has a snowball effect, gaining momentum, and bringing in even more of the same.

I made a plan for how I’d celebrate

The next thing I did to get my mindset on board was to make a plan for how I’d celebrate. Like really freaking celebrate. I put time and thought into what would make me really excited to pursue my goal. What was the celebration that felt like just a little too much, a little too luxurious, a little too good to be true? THAT was the feeling I was after. That’s exactly what I knew that I would show up for on a whole new level.

I decided that if I booked my stretch goal of 20 calls, Brian and I would book a boat tour on Lake Como. I found a place where you could rent these gorgeous Venetian boats and I imagined sipping champagne, sunning myself on the deck in a vintage bikini with large dramatic sunglasses. Yeah, I go all out with my visualizations and manifestations. I focus on the feeling I’m looking to create and how that feels in my body now. Feeling as if it’s mine long before it actually is.

Now the funny thing I’ve learned about manifesting is that it requires you to detach from exactly HOW what you want is going to show up for you. And if manifesting sounds “out there” or “woo-woo” to you, let me take a moment to remind you that knowing what you want is actually a VERY grounded concept and almost always the first step to GETTING what you want. But regardless, it takes a certain amount of being sure of the result and relinquishing control. And this is really, truly the hardest and most annoying part of it, but it works every time.

So it seems that while I was doing all of these manifestations and visualizations, the Universe had something else in store. Not even a week after going all in on my goal, I got a text from a friend. She and a few friends from college were planning to do a private charter on a catamaran out of St. Tropez while we were in France, and would Brian and I like to join. Ummm, YES. So it seems while I was busy trying to manifest more calls, the Universe decided I was getting my boat tour regardless. I certainly wasn’t mad about it. In fact, it only fired me up more to bring my goal to fruition. It served as yet another example of how getting clear on what I wanted and taking action toward it ALWAYS brings in more results. ✨

I took aligned action

I talk a lot about the mindset you need to take more of the RIGHT actions in your business. And this is honestly one of the biggest gaps I see in entrepreneurship. It seems that almost everyone in the online world is really quick to tell you what you SHOULD be doing to get more results, without helping you cultivate the mindset you need to actually show up for those actions. I’m looking at you, with all those courses and freebies collecting dust on your desktop.😉

And quite honestly this is one of the things that I pride myself on as a coach—getting the mindset piece in place BEFORE and AS you take more of the right actions in your business. Because that is where you see incredible results, rather than beating yourself up for not being able to show up for your biz or stick with a blueprint business model.

So back to my own stretch goal… I knew just how important it was to get my mindset in the right place FIRST before I started to take action. And quite frankly, action, in this case, looked like promoting my free Master Your Money Mindset call more than I ever had before.

It meant providing super valuable weekly content and ALWAYS tying it back to my offer to hop on a call.

It meant letting go of legit crazy stories I made up about why someone might not want to work with me or why their business might not “be the right fit” for mindset coaching.

It meant showing up and posting promo posts in Facebook groups when I “didn’t feel like it” because the big goal of my glamorous boat tour mattered far more to me than the slight discomfort I felt stepping out and being seen.

It meant really, fully embodying the belief that no matter where you are in life and business, upleveling your mindset and legit doing the thought work is always going to yield freaking incredible results.

Ok, ok, we get it! So what happened!?

So at this point, you’re probably dying to know what actually came of all of this.

There was a span of about two weeks from when this stretch goal was born and if I’m being honest, about 10 days that I was aligning my mindset to this goal and taking action toward it before I left for my honeymoon.

In those span of 10 days, I booked 13 of my 30 calls.

If this had happened years ago, I’d probably be disappointed by that. But I can see clearly now that 20 was a rather arbitrary number all along.

It was more about the energy shift that happened when I decided to go all-in and STRETCH myself beyond what I thought was possible for me. I was shooting for 20 and landed 13, which is an entirely different result than if I had shot for three and landed zero.

It pushed me in a whole new way. And of course, nurturing those leads and building those relationships turned into clients.

I have more clients than I ever have before in my coaching business.

And I am freaking loving every single second of it.

Coaching not only lights me up and feels so incredibly fulfilling, but my clients are also getting massive results in their businesses as well.

And with that, my schedule is filling...

My expertise and wealth of experience is growing...

And THIS experience only affirmed even more that the right mindset is absolutely essential to taking the right actions in your business. And taking those right actions will get you everything you want, including more leads, more clients, more impact, and more income.

I only have one spot left before my rates are increasing.

Which means that if you’ve been toying with the idea of working together…

If you’re ready to step into your own stretch goals and go ALL IN on yourself and your business…

Then I’d love to support you in making that beautiful, balanced life and successful, thriving business a reality.

Let’s chat on one of my free Master Your Money Mindset coaching calls, so you can get a taste of what it’s like to work with me all WHILE breaking through your biggest money mindset challenge so you can make more of it NOW. I only do three of these each week and spots are going fast so grab a spot before they’re gone!!!

Because the answer isn’t another course or another business “blueprint” that you won’t follow through on. It’s doing the thought work to get to the bottom of WHAT the right actions are in your business, WHY you haven’t been showing up for them in the past, and how to start now. And getting the right support is the fastest way to get there and start seeing more results NOW.


Tell me in the comments below:

What’s the big, dreamy stretch goal you’re working toward in your business?!