How to craft a morning routine that brings you literally life- and business-changing results



How to craft a morning routine that brings you literally life- and business-changing results



My clients are always blown away by their own results.

You see, on our final coaching call of my Future You program, we take a moment to celebrate their successes (because I truly believe acknowledging and celebrating those wins brings you more of them!). And they’re grinning so hard as we talk about the REAL results they’ve gotten...

...The perfectly aligned clients and projects that have come through the door since we started working together because their messaging is SO EFFING CLEAR they can’t help but generate new leads.

...The way they’ve cleaned things up behind the scenes in both life AND business, so they no longer feel scattered and constantly overwhelmed, but rather are focusing their energy on the RIGHT things to grow their business.

...How their manifestation skills are ON POINT because they’re crystal clear on what they want and more aware of how their very own definition of success is showing up for them in a way that feels pretty freakin’ amazing.

...Feel empowered to make decisions in their life and business that are in alignment on a SOUL level rather than spending that time scrolling social and comparing themselves to strangers on the internet.

And yet, as I tell them at the beginning of our work together that THOSE are the kind of results my clients get, you can see the tiny glimmer of self-doubt in their eyes.

It’s not that they don’t believe those results are possible.

It’s that they have a hard time believing those results are possible FOR THEM because it feels so far from where they’re currently sitting.

Which goes back to one of the foundational beliefs I teach my clients: YOU have to believe in YOU. Because let’s be real, if you don’t believe in your business and what you’re doing day in and day out, why the hell would anyone else??

But just attempting to fast-track those strategy pieces to get more of the results you want without doing the mindset work necessary FIRST, is a great way to derail your confidence altogether.

That’s exactly why I like to start most clients off with a morning routine that they can stick to, so they can build the confidence they need to see that they CAN, in fact, hold themselves accountable to create the kind of results they actually want in their life and business

That’s why this week, we’re diving into the literally life- and business-changing results of creating a morning routine and how cultivating a success mindset to hold yourself accountable, listen to your intuition, layer in new skills, and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself can totally transform EVERYTHING for you, so not only do YOU feel better but your bank account does too.

Create a routine that works for you

Before we even get into STICKING WITH a morning routine, I think it’s important to first talk about creating a morning routine that’s right for you. Because much like in running your own business, you get to decide the rules when crafting your morning routine. Too many entrepreneurs are familiar with the literally life-changing benefits of a daily practice, but have had a hard time sticking to a morning routine in the long-run.

So what’s happening there? What is the mindset block that keeps you from sticking with a practice that can create incredible results in both life and business? Likely, the very same mindset hurdle that’s holding you back from getting really crystal clear in your messaging, showing up consistently in your marketing, and making time for those small, consistent efforts that actually build your business and result in more money in the bank.

Ready for it?

You’re following an approach that’s meant for someone else. You’ve heard from a friend or online guru that in order to have a great morning routine, you need to wake up at 5 am, practice yoga, meditate, journal, visualize...the list goes on. While all of those things can have amazing results, it can also feel overwhelming, especially if you try to implement those all at the same time. It’s easy to think a morning routine just “isn’t for you.”

And I see the same thing when my Future You clients start with me too. They’re stressed and overwhelmed by the sheer number of things they COULD be doing to grow their business. It’s a social media course one day, a new certification the next, wait now maybe it’s time for an entirely new business idea. But the mindset challenge with the constant flip-flopping is that they’re usually sitting in a story that they’re not “good at” XYZ when in reality they haven’t focused on business-building strategies that feel aligned to them and what they’re looking to create. Not to mention, stick with them consistently.

That’s why I like to take a different approach. Because not everyone is meant to wake up at 5 am. Others have family responsibilities they need to structure their day around. And we all have different goals and tasks to accomplish.

That’s why I think the foundation of any great morning routine is focusing on how you want to FEEL at the start of each day. When I started creating my own morning routine, I knew that I liked feeling accomplished and productive in the morning, so I start each day with my workout. Some days that’s a morning run with my puppy and other days it’s ten minutes of pilates in my living room, but I know that by getting that workout in, I’m setting myself up for success the remainder of the day.

Define your boundaries (in life + biz!)

It may sound obvious, but creating a morning routine requires you to set boundaries around that practice. The same way some people don’t want to talk to anyone before they’ve had their morning cup of coffee, you get to decide what your boundaries are around your daily practice. Or another way of thinking about it is that you get to decide the SPACE you need around that practice.

Maybe that means 30-minutes of “quiet time” so you can tackle your inbox before getting the kids ready in the morning. Or maybe it’s ten minutes of yoga each day before you touch anything work-related. Perhaps it’s reviewing your numbers so you know exactly where your revenue is coming from and can focus on what’s working in your biz. Only you know what is most important to you each day, but it’s key that you establish boundaries around that so you can create a practice you can honor day after day. (Yet another reason I’m so obsessed with helping my clients define their ideal weekly schedule in my Future You coaching program!)

Perhaps you even know what it is that you’d like to make a priority as part of your morning routine, but you’re having trouble sticking to it. Chances are there’s a bit of a mindset block between you and your end goal. For example, when I started working pilates into my daily practice, I had the hardest time sticking with it initially. I noticed that I was really consistent with my morning runs because I was able to physically remove myself from the space so my mind wasn’t distracted by anything else (you know, the dishes in the sink, the dog needing something, the fiancé with a question, etc.). But that became harder when I wasn’t physically leaving the house. That’s where boundaries became so important because it was up to me to decide that if I really wanted to make pilates a daily practice I was going to have to put those things on hold.  

Creating boundaries in this way is super important because it trains your brain to respect boundaries in other areas of your life and business as well, but it can FEEL so much easier to start within the container of a morning routine. From there, you can apply the same thought work elsewhere. It’s this very same mindset shift that keeps you from answering emails after work hours, checking your phone when you’re spending time with friends or family, or working weekends if that’s a boundary of yours. By creating a boundary in one area it will have benefits in others as well.

Accountability is an inside job

When my Future You clients start with me, they’re so convinced that they need more accountability to move their life and business forward and see the kind of results they want. I had one client who was CONVINCED she would never show up for herself in the same way as if she was working with a coach. She had run the personality profiles, she had seen evidence of it in the past, and she was feeling like she absolutely needed the accountability to make any kind of meaningful progress in her life and business.

But the truth is, real accountability comes from within.

I know, I know. It’s one of those messy truths none of us like to hear. Because in actuality, no one wants someone nagging at them, asking them if they accomplished that one task day-after-day that would move their business forward. I truly believe that big results come from establishing the right mindset so that YOU can hold yourself accountable to tackle those small, consistent efforts in your day-to-day that are going to create the kind of results you’re looking for.

And you know what? By the time we were done working together, her mindset had done a total 180. She was so much more confident in her ability to make decisions in her life and business and stick to the goals she had set for herself. She was better at listening to her intuition as to when something absolutely HAD to be done and when it could wait. And she didn’t feel like even the smallest tasks carried this giant burden of overwhelm anymore. Simply put, she was getting things done and she was seeing and FEELING the results. Talk about a transformation.

This has shown up for me as well in how I create weekly content, putting time on my calendar each week to make idea generation, writing, podcast interviews, and social media posts a priority. There isn’t anyone asking me if I’ve done what I need to yet, the same way no one will even notice if I don’t. But I KNOW that growing my business means holding myself accountable to creating valuable content for my people BEFORE they purchase a single thing from me. And it’s that very same reason that I show up and do the work day after day.

That’s why honoring your own boundaries within a morning routine is so important. Because if you can’t hold yourself accountable to a 15-minute practice at the beginning of each day, for which YOU get to decide the parameters, how on earth are you going to hold yourself accountable to taking the actions necessary to create that big launch or hit those big numbers in your business or vice versa?

Honoring your own boundaries trains your brain to stay accountable to your goals. It establishes the mindset you need to take the actions necessary to see the kind of results you’re craving.

Layer in the new stuff

I picked up running after college when I moved to NYC and decided that I needed to do SOMETHING other than sit at a desk all day. I lived a few blocks from Central Park and was always envious of the people that pranced around the park each morning, seemingly effortlessly. How could something that had brought me so much pain in the past come so easily to others?

So I did something that I hadn’t done before—I picked up a book on the topic. And suddenly it all made sense. The book explained that the reason most people don’t like running is that they start off too quickly. A friend signs you up for a 5k, you don’t train for it (probably because you’re not really sure how), and you struggle the entire race, swearing you’ll never do THAT again.

It suggested a different way of training and I learned the magic of intervals. When I started running, I would run for two minutes and walk for one. Rinse and repeat. Gradually I got stronger. And gradually I was able to run for longer. I ran my first ever 5-mile race in intervals. And later, my first ever half marathon in intervals. Now I’ve got four marathons under my belt.

And the same holds true for just about anything in life and business to create increased results. Ease into it, starting with one new skill at a time, whether that be a daily meditation practice or showing up on a new social media platform. Remember that our brains love to keep us safe. It’s a survival mechanism that we’re basically hardwired with, so anything new is often seen as a threat and feels uncomfortable at first. But that discomfort is actually a GOOD thing because it means we’re stretching ourselves and that stretch is how we see new, better, and different results. The same way you don’t go from having a newsletter list of 0 to 60,000 engaged subscribers overnight, you also don’t go from couch potato to marathoner overnight. Experiment and give yourself a bit of grace along the way.

Giving yourself time to layer in new skills will always serve you well because you’ll be intentional about building a business that is specific to YOU and your own definition of success. Furthermore, taking actions that are in alignment with that keeps you from being constantly in conflict with your own desires (aka the single best way to burn out and hate your business). Because let’s face it, when it doesn’t feel good, we never get the results we want—in life or in business.

I had a client who was convinced that it was her money mindset that needed work so she could start seeing the kind of serious growth in her business that she was craving. Upon our first coaching call, I could see clear as day that it was her mindset around MARKETING that was actually going to make the biggest difference for her. Marketing felt like such a big and scary task until we started getting specific about it.

We talked about what was working and defined the RIGHT actions that were actually bringing in new leads and converting to clients. Turns out the outreach emails she was sending out were converting one in three people. ONE IN THREE!!! That’s an absolutely insane conversion rate. But she was sitting in a story that marketing was hard. So I knew right then that this was the action we would use as the foundation of her marketing—we just needed to shift that story so she could actually follow through on the action of writing and sending them. From there it was so much easier to layer on additional marketing efforts because she was already feeling so much better about marketing on-the-whole.

Download the free morning routine guide

So you’ve been reading this post, nodding along to every word, but you’re feeling unsure of how exactly to craft a morning routine that you can stick to. Well lady, I’ve got you covered.

This is exactly why I created my free morning routine guide. I want you to have the tools you need to create a strong foundation for a beautiful, balanced life and thriving, successful business.

So if you find yourself…

...Checking your inbox first thing in the morning, before even stepping foot out of bed

...Constantly juggling a mental list of to-dos, feeling behind before you even get started

...Feeling rushed and stressed, like you’re in a constant battle with your schedule

...Scrolling Insta or Facebook, only to wonder where the time goes each morning

...Going through the motions, without feeling intentional or fulfilled

....Wondering if this fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants feeling is normal or if this is just “the way things are”

Then friend, this one's made for you… I’m going to help you create a morning routine you can stick to, so you can not only transform the way you start each day, but change the fundamental ways you show up in your life and business and see more of the results you want!


The bottom line:

Establishing a morning routine can help you to shift your mindset around some of the very same things that will propel your business forward. By honing these as part of your morning routine, you’re training your brain to become familiar with stretching outside your comfort zone, layering in new skills, creating boundaries, listening to your intuition, and sticking with actions consistently that will lead to increased results in your business. This very practice can help you to fast-track your mindset, ultimately helping you to generate more leads, clients, and money in the bank.


Tell me in the comments below:

What’s one thing you’re looking to “layer in” to your morning routine for increased results in your life and business?