Tapping into your intuition for more action + profit



Tapping into your intuition for more action + profit



I had that feeling…

...the day I left my corporate 9–5 to move across the country.

...the day my LLC paperwork arrived in the mail and I finally felt legit.

...the day I landed my first freelance client and knew that was only the beginning.

...the day I signed my first $10k design project and felt so incredibly confident in the value I provide.

...the day my coaching client got HER first super-aligned, high-paying client.

...the day I had a massive spike in traffic on my podcast and knew that I’d be able to serve more people with my work.

And most importantly, the day my mindset shifted and I realized that not only could do this thing called business, but I could do it in a way that feels truly in alignment with what I want and how I want to create it.

And you know what? I’m effing obsessed with the life I’ve created for myself.

As I look back and connect the dots as to HOW exactly I created a thriving life and business that I find both profitable and fulfilling, it’s these little moments that upleveled my mindset and guided me along the way.

It was the warm buzz of excitement that made it so clear that I was on the right path.

And it was doing the mindset work to get crystal clear on my goals and bigger vision for the future so I could tap into my intuition, listen to that inner voice, and take action that felt in alignment with what it was that I actually WANTED.

And here’s why that’s so important…

I’ve seen time and time again that KNOWING what you want is the very first step to GETTING what you want.

Because listening to your intuition is one of the fundamental ways you can take care of yourself and your business. It’s those very thoughts that lead you to take ACTIONS that are in alignment with what you want so you can see more of the RESULTS you want too.

Because when you know what you want in life and business…

...It’s easier to craft a message that feels in alignment to you on a SOUL level so you can’t help but share.

...It’s easier to gain visibility and start showing up consistently for your people so you can’t help but attract leads.

...It’s easier to create offerings specifically for the people you’re looking to serve so you can’t help but sign clients.

That’s why I’m so excited to dive into how to actually LISTEN to that inner voice so it can stop feeling so damn hard to run your business and you can start feeling the ease that comes with generating more leads, converting more clients, and creating more money in the bank.

Tap into what you want on a SOUL level

What do you do when the life you have isn’t actually the life you WANT?

That’s that way I felt when I was going through the motions at my “dreamy on paper” design job in NYC when it was so clear to me that this was not what I wanted for myself long-term. I craved something more than the life I was living: more than my tiny apartment, my annoying commute, and my long-distance relationship. I had become ingrained in the routine of city living, numb to the long subway rides and late nights. I felt trapped in the buzz of the concrete jungle and longed for open space and fresh air. And I knew that it didn’t have to be this way.

I picked a random day in January to leave my 9–5 corporate job. There was nothing special or magical about putting in my notice that day. Simply that I’d been putting the preparations in place to move out to Denver with my boyfriend and it was as good a time as any to actually commit to the change.

But too often, I see people waiting for grand epiphanies and giant moments of reckoning BEFORE they feel a big enough push to get off their a** and make a change.

But what if you didn’t have to wait for the miserable client to drop you before you decided it was time to move on?

What if you didn’t wait until you were laid off from your day job to go all in on your side hustle?

What if you didn’t wait for the toxic relationship to blow up before you decided you deserved better?

Because let me tell you, those inner nudges are there all along, well before you hit that breaking point. The thing is, most people have gotten really good at dismissing that inner voice. They push down the thoughts that say, “go after what you want,” and instead act from a place that feels safe, routine, and comfortable.

Which is why it’s so incredibly mind-blowing when you start to actually LISTEN to your intuition. Because if you don’t know what it is that you want, it makes it that much harder to GET what you want. So it’s no surprise that when you begin to tap into that inner voice and follow those desires that more success becomes available to you, making it so much easier to create a balanced life and thriving business.

Start thinking like Future You TODAY

What if you started thinking like your future self NOW?

You see, in my signature one-on-one coaching program, Future You, I encourage my clients to really go deep and get specific about the future version of themselves. How does she think? What does she feel? What’s important to her? How does she spend her days? What does she wear? What does she eat? I encourage them to picture it. All of it.

But here’s why I’m so incredibly obsessed with this exercise:

This is SUCH a powerful reframe because it allows you to get in touch with what feels good to you on a SOUL level so you can start thinking (and consequently start taking action!) from that place NOW. It’s exactly this kind of thinking and visualization that supports you in making decisions AS IF you were already your future self because taking that kind of aligned action is going to yield results so much faster than sitting where you are, spinning your wheels, and doing the same things you’ve always done.

When I start working with my clients, so much of what they want feels out of reach. They’re overwhelmed by the possibilities of all the things they COULD be doing to make their business work and consequently, frustrated in the lack of results they’re seeing because they haven’t gotten really clear on what it is that they want and how they want to create it. This exercise helps them to bust through their limiting beliefs around where they are NOW and tap into that inner wisdom so they can start taking action in a way that feels good to them (because we always get more of the results we want when it feels good!).

When I started working with one of my clients, she was feeling like she had so many ideas for businesses that she wanted to create that she was having a hard time putting her focus and energy toward and ONE idea for long enough to get it off the ground and start seeing results. After only one call together and a bit of homework, those scattered thoughts had been lifted and she was already feeling lighter, more focused, and able to move out of “research mode” to start taking the kind of aligned action that actually builds a business rather than sit in the possibilities.

Craft messaging and offerings that are in alignment with what you want

Working with branding and design clients for YEARS, I saw many of the same mindset blocks over and over again. I was a damn good designer and my clients always ended up with an absolutely GORGEOUS brand and website. Yet, I saw again and again, that things could look absolutely incredible on the outside but that didn’t mean that they were taking the RIGHT actions to grow their business behind the scenes. It’s a harsh reality and I might ruffle some feathers, but beautiful branding can only do so much and if your business isn’t working before your rebrand then good design certainly isn’t a cure-all.

And I see this with my Future You clients too. That is, before they begin working with me. They’d so much rather throw money at an gorgeous website, another social media marketing course, or an automation tool BEFORE they’ve done the mindset work necessary to get clear on their message, get their business in front of the right people, clearly communicate what they do, and CONNECT with them so they can ultimately sell. Because that right there is the foundation. And building a business without it is like trying to build a house on unstable ground.

But here’s the part that feels a little bit like magic:

When you ARE clear on what you want and you craft messaging and offerings that are in alignment with that, it makes it so much easier to sell. I just resigned with a client recently that was feeling completely stuck when we started working together. She had a mindset block around what it meant to market her business and consequently was struggling to draw in clients, feel confident in her pricing, and feel like her business was actually working.

When we were able to get clear on the kinds of clients she wanted to attract, the expertise that made her absolutely incredible match for working with those people, and establish a price-point that she not only felt confident in but also conveyed her worth, it was SO MUCH easier for her to not only draw in those clients but also convert them because she was so specific in her marketing that it was a no-brainer for them to work with her.

Make time for those aligned actions that actually create results

Here’s the thing: Once you’ve tapped into your intuition and you’re clear on those key foundational pieces of your business, it’s important that you create time in your schedule for actions that are aligned with your priorities and will move your business forward THE MOST (like those marketing efforts!) because this is how you start seeing those results that are in alignment with what you WANT.

To do this, I’m a huge proponent of creating an ideal weekly schedule that clearly outlines your priorities and how you’re taking that aligned action that will have the biggest impact on your bottom line. This helps you to move away from the stress and overwhelm of all the things you think you should be doing (but are having a hard time following through on!) and into showing up more CONSISTENTLY and from a place of alignment in your life and business. I think managing your schedule in this way is really powerful because it allows you to see if how you’re ACTUALLY spending your time is in alignment with your priorities and what is most going to result in more money in the bank.

With that, I also love batching tasks and time blocking. I find that within any business, there are a number of tasks that we do consistently (because showing up consistently is such a powerful way to see more of the results we want!) and like tasks can be grouped together and streamlined. This allows me to move through tasks more quickly and efficiently rather than constantly switching gears of touching a project multiple times unnecessarily.

For example, in the beginning of my business, I used to spend way too much time creating content for Instagram each week. It was incredibly draining to constantly find time to shoot a photo, edit a photo, write a caption (and let’s be real, probably overanalyze said caption), find the right hashtags, and post. Now I have a collection of branded photographs that were taken by a professional photographer in the span of a few hours that I use as a library of content. I also have a specific “block” of time each week when I sit down to write out my weekly content which gets repurposed on my blog, newsletter, and Instagram feed. It’s a much better use of my time and it means that I have more time and energy to focus on my clients.

The bottom line:

Listening to your intuition is one of the fundamental ways you can take care of yourself and your business, but that alone isn’t enough. What CAN be really powerful is using that inner voice to point you in the direction of what success looks like to you. From there, you can cultivate the mindset you need to take action aligned with what you want and how you want to create it. Because THOSE actions always lead to more profit and fulfillment than simply subscribing to what you think you “should” be doing.

Tell me in the comments below:

What’s one aligned action you’re taking this week to create more of the results you want?