Which mindset block is holding you back the MOST? (and how to shift it)

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Which mindset block is holding you back the MOST? (and how to shift it)



The other day, I was having a virtual coffee chat with a fellow friend an entrepreneur. We were catching up on all the usual topics—life, business, marketing, travel, you name it.

But then she asked me a question I haven’t heard in a while.

“So what’s next for you?”

For a second, I was actually stunned. I don’t know, I thought. What IS next?

“Actually, more of the same,” I replied.

And for once, I didn’t feel even the tiniest bit of guilt in that response. In fact, it’s my goal for my business to run like a well-oiled machine, taking those small, consistent efforts necessary to see predictable results.

You see, for so long I was hooked on CREATING within my business. I was always making something new, better, or different.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but I realized that this was becoming a pattern for me and that it was actually a serious mindset block that I had to work through.

I can see countless examples of this in my past, but here’s one way this mindset block held me back:

Years ago, when I started my design studio, my obsession with creating things showed up in my website. I spent so much time fine-tuning my packages, my copy, my graphics, my blog, the list goes on... Maybe you see a little bit of yourself in this too.

At the time, I convinced myself that my design business wasn’t gaining traction for all those reasons. If only I kept creating, surely then I would see the kinds of results I was looking for, was what I kept telling myself.

I can see now, that my mindset was so wrapped up in “creation mode” that I was missing an essential part of business: getting that creation (in this case, my website and my portfolio) in front of the RIGHT people. I could create all day, but it wasn’t going to get me any closer to a sale.

Of course, when I realized that, I was able to shift my mindset and focus on the RIGHT things to get clients through the door. And that’s exactly what happened.

But here’s the thing: I’m not alone in this particular mindset block. There are SO MANY creatives and entrepreneurs stuck in creation mode. In fact, I’ve coined the person with this particular mindset block, “The Creator” but there are other mindset personalities too.

Which is why today, I’m diving into the top seven mindset personalities and the blocks that could be holding you back from more sales and serious growth. Keep reading to find yours so you can get out of your own way and start thriving in your business.

The Creator

The creator is convinced that they need to MAKE something else in order to see the results they’re looking for in their business, typically more clients, more money, and more fulfillment. You’re incredibly creative and really good at coming up with new ideas, but have a hard time sticking with ONE idea long enough for it to gain traction. Shiny-object syndrome is your middle name. This can show up as constantly flip-flopping business ideas, business models, or core messaging, and can result in inconsistent growth as a result of a confused audience. People rarely purchase when they’re confused about your offer.

The Researcher

The Researcher is obsessed with (you guessed it!) “research.” You’ve downloaded all the freebies, joined all the Facebook groups, and listened to all the podcasts. You’re looking for that one secret that’s going to tip the scale in your business and bring you more money in less time. The only problem is that all this research hasn’t landed you with a magic formula to overnight success. You love learning about different business models and are obsessed with the idea of passive income but you haven’t been able to make it work for you or your business and bring in the kind of income you desire. It’s time to move away from research-mode and start implementing those small, consistent efforts that yield big results.

The Once-and-Done

The Once-and-Done is convinced that they’ve “tried everything,” when in reality their big launch was one Instagram post that very few people saw. You’re not marketing consistently and you’re convinced that no one wants what you’re selling as a result. Chances are, you haven’t found the marketing platforms that feel good to you and stuck with them consistently. Building an audience takes time, so you need to shift your mindset around what it means to share regularly (spoiler alert: you’re going to feel like a broken record). It’s time to start sharing more often so the people who actually want what you’re offering can actually find you as a result.

The Caretaker

The Caretaker, as the name suggests, is really good at taking care of others, whether that be friends, family, or clients. You can uphold obligations to others because you consider them the MOST important obligations in your life and business. The thing is, when it comes to upholding obligations to yourself, you struggle. It makes it hard to see the kind of results you want in life and business because you’re constantly putting your own projects and desires on the back-burner. When things get busy, your own needs are the first things to be crossed off the list. It’s time to start making your own life and business a priority and viewing those tasks with the same weight and importance as everyone else’s.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller is constantly being blocked by the stories they tell themself. You’re so good at coming up with reasons your business might fail, projections of what others might think, and creating drama around day-to-day tasks that you’re feeling stuck. You’re at a standstill and it’s hard to follow through with even the smallest items on your to-do list. You’re the person that claims you are “bad with tech” after your Squarespace site went down that one time or “you’re annoying people” when you didn’t get an arbitrary number of likes on a social media post. It’s time to pay attention to those stories you’re telling yourself and actively choose a different way of thinking or these blocks will keep showing up in your life and business.

The Fear-Fighter

The Fear-Fighter is battling some serious mindset blocks around success. In fact, you might actually be AFRAID of success. Now if you’re thinking that’s absolutely ridiculous, hear me out. There’s almost always an underlying reason you aren’t taking actions that yield the results you want. This can be a fear around what will happen in your relationship if you out-earn your partner. It can be a fear that you’ll lose friends who don’t understand the demands of running a business. Or one that’s shown up for me is the fear that if my business exploded, I’d lose the freedom and flexibility that I’ve worked so hard to create for myself. It’s time to work through some of these fears so more money can come through the door.

The Busy-Bee

The Busy-Bee wears busy like a badge of honor. You have too much going on in life and business and you feel too overwhelmed to take actions that would result in more revenue. The idea of “one more thing” sends your head spinning so you keep operating the way you always have and have hit a monetary plateau because of it. You’re convinced that “this is just the way things are” and there are times that you resent your business because of it. It feels like you need more space to move things forward in your business but you haven’t actually carved out the time to clean things up behind the scenes. It’s time to shift your mindset around what it would mean to raise your rates, hire a team, or revise your systems and processes.

The bottom line:

Chances are, you see yourself in more than one of these mindset personalities. But here’s the good news: becoming more aware of your mindset personality can help you to recognize the instances in which you’re holding yourself back from making the income and impact that you want in your life and business. When you have that information, you can make a conscious choice to shift your thoughts so you can create more the results you actually want.

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Have one of these mindset blocks shown up for you in the past and how did you overcome it to see big results in life or business?