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future you

3 months of one-on-one coaching

A journey to a beautiful, balanced life
and a successful, thriving business



You started a creative business for a reason. You imagined a different, better future for yourself. One with freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment in both work and life.


But lately, that vision couldn’t feel further from the truth. You’re feeling stuck—completely overwhelmed by the sheer number of things there are to do each day. Finding a balance between work and life has never felt less attainable.


These days:


You’re bound to your business—

feeling guilty and anxious when you step away from your inbox for more than a few hours.


You’re tired of the success stories—

the podcasts that jam on 25-hour work weeks (let alone 5-hour work weeks!) that leave you wondering...but how?


You’re feeling distracted—

like your home life constantly gets in the way of work or the other way around.


You’re gaining weight—

feeling that you can’t step away from your desk for an hour or two to exercise.


You’re lacking consistency—

something always seems to come up and it’s hard to find your groove again once your schedule’s been thrown off.

You feel behind—

your never-ending to-do list leaves you feeling as though you'll never be able to catch up.


Your Clients exhaust you—

pulling long nights to stay on schedule or juggling never-ending “emergencies.”


You’re falling into the comparison trap—

feeling that you need to do more and hustle harder to finally be successful.


You’re struggling to prioritize—

the analysis paralysis keeps you stuck from moving forward on anything at all.


And you’re not sure what to do—

you just know that the way you’re living and working isn’t sustainable. Something has to change.



You’re craving focus, organization, and room to breathe, but you struggle to see how to get from a state of constant stress and overwhelm to a beautiful, balanced life and thriving, successful business. And that makes your bigger vision—the morning yoga, smoothie delivery, passive income, supportive team, and quality time with loved ones—feel totally out of reach.


Your vision is not out of reach

You just haven’t discovered the mindset shifts that will get you there. You don’t need another social media course, email funnel, or sales strategy. You need support and a vision.



Change begins with small mindset shifts. And these shifts begin in your everyday life. Together, we’ll completely revolutionize the way you think so that you can create habits, routines, and processes in your day-to-day that will actually make a difference. You’ll finally be able to lift that weight off your chest and design a life and business full of freedom and fulfillment that gets you the results you want now.



Imagine a life where:


You finally make self-care part of your growth strategy—

carving out time for morning yoga or an afternoon run so that you can give your business your all. Not only do you feel better, but your cash-flow does too.


You've learned to simplify—

doing a few things well rather than doing many things mediocre. You've stopped overcomplicating your day-to-day, so you can focus and prioritize creating more time for things you love and actually seeing results because of it. 


You wake up excited to start the day with a set routine—

one that leaves your feeling refreshed, including a hot cup of tea, meditation, journaling, and a morning swim, before tackling your inbox. (And if you’re over there rolling your eyes, thinking you’d NEVER have time for this...then we absolutely need to work together.)


You feel comfortable, not guilty, Stepping away from work—

confident that your boundaries make for happier clients and higher quality service during your working hours, leading to more growth, not less.


You’re able to focus and prioritize—

finally making time to work toward those big-picture goals through small, consistent efforts in your everyday life. Your dreams feel doable again, rather than overwhelming.


You’re clear on who you are and where you’re headed—

so you don’t waste time scrolling Instagram, second-guessing yourself and falling into the comparison trap, but instead use that time to move faster toward your goals of more clients, more profit, more success, but most importantly, more happiness and success that actually FEELS like success.


Those sound like small things, especially in the face of the beautiful, balanced life and thriving, successful business you envision, but the mindset shifts I teach create a foundation for even bigger change.

If you’re not living and working in a way that aligns with what you want, it’s going to be hard to actually get what you want.

So while it feels tempting to skip the mindset work altogether, lasting change actually begins with small, consistent efforts in your everyday life. And you’re likely so much closer than you’re feeling right now!


That’s why I created Future You:

So you can feel less stressed and overwhelmed and more focused, productive, and fulfilled in your everyday life.


Because when you just read that change begins with the everyday, you may have felt relieved for a minute. But then you probably got nervous again.


Not because you don’t have an idea of where to begin—but because you have too many ideas. You likely have a desktop folder overflowing with opt-ins and freebies, online courses you’ve yet to complete, an endless scroll of people you compare yourself to on Instagram, and Pinterest boards stuffed with healthy recipes and 10-minute workouts.

Having ideas isn’t the problem. But all those ideas just feel more overwhelming. Pulling them all together into a realistic plan that you then test, evaluate, and tweak all on your own—that’s the struggle. And that’s why I’m here.
Future You is an three-month mindset coaching intensive for busy business owners that are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, but are unsure of how to shift so that they can start feeling more fulfilled in their life and business. We’ll focus on your mindset—how you want to think, feel, and act in your day-to-day—so you can step outside the “someday” fantasy and create that work/life balance you’ve been craving with more dreamy vacations, more money toward causes you care about, more time with your loved ones, or whatever YOUR epic vision is.


Let’s create a vision for the beautiful, balanced life you’re craving and then shift your mindset around what it takes to make it a reality. In Future You, we will:

  • Define the dreamy vision you have for a balanced life and business—so that you can know what success looks like to YOU

  • Make it visual with a beautiful custom-designed vision board created with my premium design skills—so you can see yourself getting there

  • Map out a plan for your daily life with realistic steps to make it happen—so you can hone your time management skills and ditch the constant overwhelm in a doable and realistic way

  • Totally shift your mindset around what’s possible for you so you can create the beautiful, balanced life and successful, thriving business you crave and feel like you have a clear path and vision for getting there


I’ll help you guide your own story rather than watch it unfold.


How it works


Future You unfolds through a series of six 60-minute video calls over a period of 3 months.
You’ll have access to me between each call, for those times when you get stuck, have a question, or just need some encouragement.


You don't have to do this alone. I'm here to help.

I believe the actions you take daily have far more impact than those you take occasionally. And the right actions, all start with the right mindset.


Hey, I’m Amanda, your mindset coach.


As creative entrepreneur myself, I started my journey as a brand designer for businesses that felt their current branding doesn’t fit who they are and where they want to be.

Through my design process, I bring intentional simplicity and brand refinement to these scattered, inconsistent businesses so they can feel confident in how they're showing up and bring fresh energy toward their bigger vision.

Along the way, I began to notice that the people behind the businesses often felt the same way about their lives—entrepreneurs at all different stages in business felt that they were struggling to focus on the "right" things, overwhelmed and unsure about how to get where they wanted to be.

And I realized that the same principles I use for branding can also help creatives design a beautiful, fulfilling life and thriving successful business. Which is why today, my true passion lies in mindset coaching.

That’s why I created Future You, a one-on-one mindset coaching intensive designed to help you stop overcomplicating your day-to-day so you can stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed and create room in your schedule for those mid-day lunch dates, 3-day weekends, quality time with family and friends, and epic vacations. It's time to finally breathe again WHILE your business grows.

Together, we’ll shift your mindset around that mile-long to-do list so you can show up more focused, organized, and productive in your life and business.


Is Future you for you?

You’ve taken the courses, you’re familiar with the tools, but still, you feel like you’re spinning your wheels. You’re wondering what you’re missing. What’s the secret? How do you make this work?

It’s time to take a more personalized approach.

It’s much easier to commit to this kind of mindset work when you have a guide and an accountability partner by your side.

Together, we’ll examine your blind spots so you can see what’s holding you back and have tailored support, specific to YOU and your needs, to create the beautiful, balanced life and successful, thriving business you crave.

And if you’re rolling your eyes, thinking this just isn’t possible for you, than we absolutely need to work together.



This offering will help you thrive if:

  • You have a good idea of what you’d like your ideal life and business to look like, but are having trouble putting a plan into action.
  • You process ideas well by talking them through. 
  • You’re creative—you have so many thoughts, ideas, and dreams, but don’t know how to focus them so that you can grow.
  • You’re a visual learner and collaborator. 


  • You value simplicity and breaking things down into understandable elements.
  • You’ve realized you don't have to conform to society's views of the "right" path in life or in business, but you’re struggling to find what success looks like to you and to put that into practice.
  • You’re done with making excuses and are looking for solutions.
  • You are committed, but would benefit from someone to keep you accountable and moving forward.

Invest in your future


Future You is an three-month, one-on-one mindset coaching program designed to help you stop overcomplicating your day-to-day so you can grow your business and have more time for what you love. 

Together we’ll shift your mindset, hone your time management skills, and refine your everyday habits so that you feel lighter, focused, more organized and ultimately change the fundamental ways you show up in your life and business.

You’ll have the clarity and support you need to scale your business faster, create more fulfillment, and feel happier and healthier in your everyday life.



During our 3 months together, We’ll:

  • Dream BIG. Get crystal clear on your goals and bigger vision for the future so you know what success looks like for YOU and can adapt your business so that it feels truly in alignment with what you want and how you want to create it!

  • Co-create the vision board of your dreams, complete with my expert design eye and visualization exercises to help you make it a reality. I see this fast-tracking your mindset so you can get your business in front of the right people, clearly communicate what you do, and CONNECT with them so you can ultimately sell.

  • Hone in on your offerings, messaging, and who you'd love to work with so you can start drawing in those clients who feel aligned to your business and it becomes a no-brainer for them to work with you.

  • Create a marketing plan around that CLEAR MESSAGING that feels good to you and do the mindset work to show up CONSISTENTLY so you can get in front of a wider audience, generate more leads, and get paid!

  • Do the money mindset work necessary to gain confidence, know your numbers, charge your worth, and feel like you can move beyond ALMOST making ends meet to ACTUALLY making ends meet.

  • Create an ideal weekly schedule that creates time for the things that will move your business forward THE MOST (like those marketing efforts!) so you can move away from ONLY the big picture thinking and into the small, consistent efforts that will create RESULTS.


Future You Coaching

Investment of $2,697 (paid in full)
or 3 monthly payments of $899

This 12-week coaching package Includes:

Kickoff questionnaire PDF worksheet

6 (60-minute), one-on-one video coaching calls (biweekly)

Personalized homework assignments between each call

Custom designed vision board

Ideal schedule planning guide

Support between calls in case you get stuck, have questions, or want to share a win


I want you to be sure this program is the right fit for you, so I’d love to connect on a free (no-pressure) 30-minute clarity call. We'll chat about how we can work together to stop overcomplicating your day-to-day and create a beautiful, balanced life and thriving, successful business.