08 Grow your business by doing less with Ashley Gartland


About this episode

As your business grows, chances are you find yourself wearing more and more hats, doing #allthethings. But I truly believe that building a business is a team sport. It takes a village. And while a lot of people talk about delegating and building a team, many dive in without acknowledging the deeper reasons behind it. We don't really discuss what a profound difference it can make in how you feel, in what you can achieve in your business, and in how much freedom you can create in your life. Today we talk about those deeper reasons and the fears that stand in your way so you can understand the mindset behind delegating and the profound growth you can experience because of it.

Show notes

In this episode, we chat about:

  • The super counterintuitive principle you can use to grow your business by doing less (yes, really!)

  • The kind of crazy big results that delegating can create in your life because Ashley is basically living proof

  • The fears that are holding you back from getting the kind of support you need in your business (we’ve all got ‘em) and how to ditch them for good

  • Ashley’s first hire and how she “tested the waters” with delegating without a big, scary commitment and you can too

  • How Amanda shifted her mindset around delegating so she could show up more consistently in her marketing and how her business has seen big results because of it

  • How finding the right people may not be as hard as you might think and why it’s 100% worth it

  • How to get started delegating with more ease because after this episode you’re absolutely going to want to get a few things off your plate

About Ashley Gartland

Ashley Gartland works with small business owners and entrepreneurs whose business is doing well but who feel like a hot mess behind the scenes - and they know it's holding them back from reaching the next level. She helps them simplify their business and build a stronger foundation so they can experience more growth and fulfillment in their work and more freedom in their life. Ashley has been an entrepreneur since the age of 22, when she got her start as a freelance food writer. After working in editing, event planning, public relations and digital publishing, Ashley launched her coaching practice to help overwhelmed entrepreneurs grow their business by streamlining and working smarter, not harder. Ashley's work has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, The Huffington Post and Being Boss and she's appeared on The Startup Sessions, Courage & Clarity and The Feel Good Effect podcasts. She lives for rainy days, is an avid runner and prefers kombucha over coffee to fuel her day. To connect with Ashley and learn more about how you can simplify your business, you can get her free 5 Steps to Simplify Your Business workbook at www.ashleymgartland.com/simplify.