10 Overcoming the fear of success so you can experience way more of it with Julie Goetzinger


About this episode

Fear and limiting beliefs can be a pretty broad topic, especially as an entrepreneur. So today, we dive deep and get specific about how to uncover the fears that may be keeping you from reaching that next level. It’s time to do the mindset work so you can stop holding yourself back and start seeing the kind of big results you want more of in life and business.

Show notes

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Julie’s own limiting beliefs and what she did to uncover them and start moving past them

  • The affirmations Julie uses each day to cultivate a success mindset and break through the thoughts that were holding her back in life and business

  • Julie’s daily practice that instills confidence and helps her to step into her role as a high-achieving woman (you’re going to want to borrow this one!)

  • The role of spirituality as a entrepreneur and how to do the mindset work so you can embrace things in life and business that fall outside of your control

  • How to tap into your intuition to gain clarity in your business so that you can create the kind of big results you want more of

About Julie Goetzinger

Julie Goetzinger is the owner and photographer behind Summer Mint Photography, specializing in senior and family portraits and Glamour Shoots with Julie, specializing in women's glamour and boudoir portraits. She’s the creator of The Intuitive Photographer which is a online community for professional photographers to teach them how to tap into their intuition to create more success in their businesses and in their lives. Julie believes that her main purpose as a photographer and mentor is to remind women of their worth. She does this by increasing their confidence and reminding them that their potential is limitless and that they are worthy of every form of the abundance that the Universe can give to them.

Julie is offering free discovery calls to photographers who are feeling blocked in their business and need a reminder of how worthy they are of absolute abundance in all forms. They can reach out to me by emailing julie@summermintphotos.com or on Facebook @theintuitivephotographer. She invites all the photographers listening to join her in her Facebook Community @theintuitivephotographer. Other business owners are welcome in our Facebook Community as well.