12 Turning obstacles into opportunities for massive business growth with Rebecca Teaff


About this episode

We love to talk about the wins and the successes, and for good reason... celebrating those moments brings us more of them, making us happier people and consequently lifting our businesses at the same time. But behind the success stories are also the obstacles EVERY business owner faces along the way. So today, we're showing you how your obstacles can be the biggest growth accelerators if you let them.

Show notes

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How Rebecca’s business evolved from being a solopreneur to managing a full-blown team over the past TEN years

  • What it even looks like to be in business for that long (can you picture it?) and how her business has evolved from the beginning

  • The best investment Rebecca made in her business early on and her favorite tools for staying on track in her life and business today

  • How it isn’t always sunshine and roses in business and how to cultivate a mindset that turns obstacles into opportunities

  • What happened when the bottom of her business dropped out and what she did to not only get back on track, but actually restructure and BUILD her business

  • The one thing Rebecca focuses on that has fueled her accomplishments and enriched her life as a business owner

  • Rebecca’s life hack in creating a morning routine that works for her even when she’s super short on time (it isn’t what you think!)

  • How to celebrate both the big and small wins even when you're strapped for time or ideas and how it affects EVERYONE around you

About Rebecca Teaff

Rebecca Teaff is the owner and founder of Redstart Creative. Redstart Creative is a creative marketing company building and supporting brands for women owned small businesses and non-profits in the educational, environmental and family support space.

Redstart Creative was established in 2009 with the mission to create clear communications for those who are driving positive change in the world i.e., people who make good things happen. Redstart works with clients empowering positive change in the world - those striving for social impact and equity.

Redstart helps their clients by strengthening their messaging, brand and communications, both in print and digital. Their work includes identity work, brand messaging, websites, print collateral, direct mail and integrated digital marketing.

Rebecca is a creative entrepreneur, problem solver and dreamer. Rebecca has a passion for helping change-makers that matches her passion for running a business. Over the past ten years Rebecca has been involved in multiple volunteer roles including - Marketing Chair for the Association of Fundraising Professionals Maryland Chapter and National Association of Women Business Owners - Baltimore Chapter, as well as receiving Maryland’s Top 100 Women Award in 2014 and 2018.

Creating and Curating Content for your website with Rebecca Teaff from Redstart Creative

If you have a website, there are so many ways that you can get it to stand out, especially with your web content. Have you thought about blogging? Learn why you you should blog and how to brainstorm and create your content! We will also discuss SEO, google analytics, how to curate great content, how to leverage your team to produce compelling content, and how to repurpose or evergreen your content! The content of your website is the driving force and can be used to get you noticed online!