27 Getting legally legit behind the scenes with Autumn Witt Boyd


About this episode

Legal stuff can just sound scary. Especially if you’re new to this entrepreneurial world and are just figuring out how to invoice your clients, let alone have them sign a contract that protects you both. But you’d be surprised how many well-seasoned business owners have yet to put legal in place behind the scenes, as well. So today, we’re tackling the mindset behind being proactive about "getting legit" to put protections in place BEFORE you need them. We let go of the fear around working with a lawyer, confusion about how to even get started, and overwhelm associated with all the legal things you COULD be doing so you can figure out what you really need. Plus, we chat about how getting legally legit will protect the business you’ve worked so hard on, strengthen your client relationships, boost your credibility, and solidify your business on the whole!

Show notes

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Moving past the fear and avoidance around putting legal things in place so you can cultivate the mindset you need to actually protect your business

  • The number one thing Autumn sees as the biggest game-changer for business owners looking to get their legal stuff in order

  • Demystifying what working with a lawyer is ACTUALLY like, plus the first steps legal steps you can take now

  • How to avoid being overwhelmed by all the legal things you can do for your business and figure out what you REALLY need

  • Clearing the common misconceptions around WHEN you should start working with a lawyer (you may be surprised by this one!)

  • Amanda’s own experience with getting her contracts in order and how it truly helped her to level up her business in more ways than one

  • The one legal step that will “wow” your clients and boosts your credibility THE MOST that you can get started on today

About Autumn Witt Boyd

Autumn Witt Boyd is an experienced intellectual property lawyer who helps high-achieving, ambitious entrepreneurs reach their big goals. The AWB Firm is the go-to for businesses selling online courses, digital downloads, and online tools for business. Autumn has helped Amy Porterfield, Being Boss, Melyssa Griffin, and many more grow and protect their online empires.

Autumn also hosts the Legal Road Map® podcast, which teaches business owners how to protect their rights and stay out of legal hot water. She lives in Chattanooga, TN with her husband, twin boys, and daughter.