26 Taking care of yourself and your biz before, during, and after burnout with Rebecca Hass


About this episode

As creatives and entrepreneurs, it can be easy to put SO MUCH IMPORTANCE on all things work-related, sometimes at the detriment of our own health. In a society that rewards hard work and reinforces the message that more is better, it’s no wonder that burnout is such a hot topic lately. Which begs the question: HOW exactly do we go about taking care of ourselves before, during, and after burnout? Today we go deep and talk about how to tap into your intuition to put self-care practices in place NOW to support you in creating a balanced life and thriving business WITHOUT sacrificing one for the other. Plus, we'll give you tips on how to manage if you're in it or coming out on the other side.

Show notes

In this episode, we chat about:

  • How the hell do you find yourself on the road to burnout anyway? We go deep and uncover our own experiences with working too hard, getting too little sleep, and other ways burnout has shown up in our lives and businesses to save you from going down that very same path!

  • Recognizing the thoughts that only perpetuate burnout and how to cultivate new beliefs and self-care practices that support you working smarter, not harder so you can grow your business in a way that feels good.

  • Learning HOW to take care of yourself even if you're overwhelmed and feel like you don't have time (‘cause we definitely weren’t taught THAT in school!) and why this is so incredibly important in maintaining a balanced and thriving life and business without sacrificing one for the other.

  • The single most important question Rebecca asks herself daily (you’ll want to borrow this!) and how it’s helped her through anxiety and depression and completely transformed the way she works.

  • Rebecca’s favorite daily practice and how you can put this in place NOW to boost your business this week!

About Rebecca Hass

Rebecca Hass is not your average Minnesotan pianist and composer. With an addiction to Brazilian rhythms and bringing joy to others through music, her compositions span a variety of topics, from samba grooves to crime-fighting manatees, which you can hear on her brand-new debut album of original compositions and arrangements in Brazilian styles, Florescer (Bloom). Rebecca is also a coach who supports other musicians and artists in their creative habits through wellness. She is passionate about helping creatives live more balanced lives via small, impactful changes built on a strong foundation of self-compassion with a healthy dose of “You do you”. Her new podcast with Lexie Rollet of Alexandra Astrology, Being a Whole Person: a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, spirituality, and self-care, launches March 21!