36 Stepping into bigger business results through breathwork with Amy Kuretsky


About this episode

I talk a lot about self-care because I believe taking care of yourself is absolutely essential to taking care of your business. I mean, let’s be real—in most cases, you ARE the business. But too often, I hear business owners tell themselves the story that they simply don’t have the time or money to invest in that kind of daily practice right now. So today we’re chatting about breathwork, an incredible way to connect with your intuition, work through stuck emotions that are holding you back in your business (like fear and self-doubt!), and unleash your potential in a whole new way. If you’re someone who feels like your own needs are constantly falling to the back burner while trying to get business results (but still not seeing the ones you want!) then this conversation around how health fuels hustle is for you.

Show notes

In this episode, we chat about:

  • The number one mindset shift you need to FUEL your hustle to get more results

  • How you can put yourself back in the driver’s seat for more results in life AND biz

  • Amy’s absolute favorite way to work through stuck emotions that are holding her back and unleash her business’s potential

  • How Amy drastically shifted the way she shows up in her business, yielding more money than ever before

  • How to detangle your own self-worth from your productivity to create more time AND money

  • The mindset shift you absolutely need to create more SPACE for more of the things you want to show up in your business

About Amy Kuretsky

Amy Kuretsky (she/her) is a wellness coach for mind, body, and business with a background in Chinese medicine based out of so-called Minneapolis. Her work is focused on helping female-identified and non-binary business owners connect to and heal their heart wounds by using breathwork and tarot. She believes that our physical and emotional health are inextricably tied and that healing the physical body starts with healing the emotional body. Her work using the breath is focused on jumpstarting that important self-healing. Along with holding a masters degree in Chinese medicine and herbology, she has also completed breathwork healer training with her teacher David Elliott.