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38 How to stop overcomplicating your business for more action and profit with Devan Danielle

Pivoting your business model, launching a new product or service, or opening a new branch of your business can feel downright overwhelming. And while we’re not discounting that there may be a lot to do, we ARE saying that you’re likely making it more complicated than it needs to be. So often, it’s your thoughts around those very actions make it so. much. harder. to actually follow through and see more of the results you want faster. So today, we’re diving into how most of us overcomplicate our businesses as a result of fear and self-doubt (there’s that mindset kicking in again!). We talk about how you can put a stop to that pesky procrastination to move forward faster and with more ease and results. If you’re a bit of a perfectionist, someone who likes to think and overthink ideas before putting them out there, or are having trouble figuring out where to even start, then my dear, this episode was made for you!

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