38 How to stop overcomplicating your business for more action and profit with Devan Danielle


About this episode

Pivoting your business model, launching a new product or service, or opening a new branch of your business can feel downright overwhelming. And while we’re not discounting that there may be a lot to do, we ARE saying that you’re likely making it more complicated than it needs to be. So often, it’s your thoughts around those very actions make it so. much. harder. to actually follow through and see more of the results you want faster. So today, we’re diving into how most of us overcomplicate our businesses as a result of fear and self-doubt (there’s that mindset kicking in again!). We talk about how you can put a stop to that pesky procrastination to move forward faster and with more ease and results. If you’re a bit of a perfectionist, someone who likes to think and overthink ideas before putting them out there, or are having trouble figuring out where to even start, then my dear, this episode was made for you!

Show notes

In this episode, we chat about:

  • The number one, most important thing we’ve found to be true for both ourselves and our clients in designing a life and business you love

  • The single best question to ask yourself when you’re looking to make a big move in your business, whether that be making a major pivot or launching a new offering

  • How to let go of the feeling that you have to work more so that you feel deserving of success and just let it be easy already

  • Our absolute favorite tip for building confidence in yourself and your business so you can see far more results, far sooner

  • How to break through the fear that’s holding you back so you can get your ideas out there and get paid!

  • Our best tips for calming the chaos in your head so you can stop overcomplicating things and start taking the RIGHT actions to grow and thrive.

About Devan Danielle

Devan Danielle is a mindset coach who helps ambitious online business owners transform their limiting beliefs so they can reach their highest potential. With 5+ years experience running a successful brand development business and mentoring creative entrepreneurs, Devan blends mindset coaching and strategic insight to help women who are ready for change confidently break through uncertainty and into the next phase of their business. Through her powerful one-to-one coaching, group programs, and life-changing events, Devan's intuitive approach empowers clients to believe in themselves, fast-track their success, and bring their wildest business dreams to life.