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30 Building a strong foundation for yourself and your biz with Kate Andrew

Whether you’re new to the podcast, or a long-time listener, you should know that I view taking care of your mental and physical wellbeing as a non-negotiable. It’s those very actions of deep self-care that support you each and every day as you grow and scale your business. Because remember, in most cases you ARE the business. But too often, your own self-care is the first thing on the chopping block and this can leave you feeling exhausted and defeated (even if you absolutely LOVE what you’re doing!). That’s why today, we go back to basics with a midwife and business owner who talks about how to build a strong foundation for an even stronger self and business. There’s so much wisdom in this episode that gets to the root of how you can truly take care of yourself WHILE you scale and grow. If you’re someone who struggles with actually INTEGRATING self-care into your life and business (instead of just talking about it!) this episode is for you!

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