05 The simplest growth strategy you’re probably overlooking with Cami Farey


About this episode

What if instead of pouring countless hours into all the things you think you SHOULD be doing to grow your business—Instagram, Pinterest, SEO, guest blogging, the list goes on—you took a step back and asked yourself what it would look like if growing your business looked and felt EASY? Today we explore what it looks like to shift your mindset around driving traffic to your website and instead focus on growing your business with authentic, genuine relationships. We talk about how to build your business the old-school way with support from new-school tech.

We chat about:

  • The single best way to grow your business (hint: it doesn’t involve spending countless hours online)

  • How to shift your mindset around getting visible in your business and why it matters

  • The retreat Cami and I met at and how our short conversation blossomed into a genuine long-term friendship

  • Letting go of the awkwardness that can come with attending in-person events and how to think instead

  • Networking for the “right” reasons (plus an amazing Bachelor analogy)

  • How to keep the conversation going after a retreat or event to expand your network and grow your business

  • The role social media plays in building your business (it isn’t what you think)

  • How to propel your business with one simple question

About Cami Farey

Cami Farey is a web designer and strategist who helps “real deal” business owners take their websites from bootstrapped to breathtaking (and money-making) with a blend of sleek design and whip-smart strategy. Over the years, Cami and her team of collaborators have changed the game for award-winning photographers, authors, speakers, creatives, retreat leaders, coaches, consultants, and so many more. Interested in adding your brilliance to that list? Head to www.camillefarey.com to book your project, read her blog, and learn more about working together.