19 Embracing an intentional pause for increased results with Erica Midkiff


About this episode

We live very connected lives and it can be very easy to live life in constant motion. But what if we took a step back and decided to live more intentionally, rather than by default? Today I have a very special guest on the show, my friend Erica Midkiff, who was one of the very first people to go through Future You, my signature one-on-one coaching program. Today, we dive into the idea of an “intentional pause,” the mindset shift that was the biggest game-changer for her in our work together, and how it completely transformed the way she shows up each day in her life and business (and how it can transform yours)—bringing more space, awareness, and intention to your every day. You’ll walk away knowing exactly how to stop doing #allthethings without a second thought and be more intentional about the actions that bring you more of the results you actually want.

Show notes

In this episode, we chat about:

  • The five-minute practice that helped Erica create more space, calm, and clarity in her life and business in our work together (you’re going to want to steal this!)

  • How that practice laid the foundation for a new habit that sets the tone for each day because her mindset was already in the right place

  • Shifting away from living by default so you can make more meaningful decisions in your life and business (the kind that actually lead to the results you want!)

  • How you can stop feeling overwhelmed by the constant availability and consumption of information and eliminate decision-fatigue in your life and business

  • Erica’s favorite tool to help you live more intentionally and how to make it work for you so you can respond rather than react in life

  • How inviting more space into your day-to-day often leads to MORE of the results you want in life and business rather than less

About Erica Midkiff

Erica helps creatives cultivate a more intimate relationship with themselves and their work so they can show up as exactly who they are in life, work, and the world.

She does this through core message coaching, writing and editing services, and supportive resources.

She loves finding patterns and identifying connections that inherently exist among scattered ideas, and helping creatives uncover and express the wisdom deep within them.

Download Erica’s free guide, The Intentional Pause, right here: ericamidkiff.com/onesimpleshift

Photography by Mary Margaret Smith