34 How to start seeing more results with less perfectionism with Debbie Cromack


About this episode

When I look back on the early days in my business, I can see how clearly I was hiding. I was hiding behind the need for everything to be perfect. I’d reread my newsletters a million times to be sure there wasn’t a typo. It would take me foreverrrr to send an email back to a potential client, trying to find the words that were just right. I would think and overthink every little decision. That is, until I realized how much all this was holding me back from seeing more results, more quickly in my business. Today we’re diving into how to let go of perfectionism so you can get more visible, connect with your audience, and boost your income at the same time. If you’re someone who is ready to cultivate the mindset that done is better than perfect, then this episode is for you!

Show notes

In this episode, we chat about:

  • The number one way you’re hiding from the success you desire and how to shift that today for more results tomorrow!

  • How you’re holding yourself back from actually CONNECTING with your audience and why that may be hurting your sales

  • How to share your imperfections in a way that makes you sales

  • Debbie’s number one FLOP in business and what you can learn from this that will boost your visibility and consistency at the same time

  • Amanda’s all-time favorite mindset hack for embracing the imperfections so you can put yourself out there more and see more sales because of it

About Debbie Cromack

Debbie Cromack is a corporate lackey turned entrepreneurial renegade. She is an international best-selling author and Business Coach, empowering introverted female entrepreneurs to set up the foundation of their coaching business, implement a replicable sales process that feels good, and replace their corporate income so they can thrive in their business, quit their corporate job, and create a life they fall in love with every single day! If you’re done being an employee – making others rich! – and ready to make yourself wealthy in impact, income, and soul-happiness, Debbie is the coach for you!

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