33 Mastering your money mindset so you can make more of it in your biz with Amanda Dennelly


About this episode

You guys know that I love hopping on my free Stressed to Success coaching calls with you. But you should also know that the topic of money comes up in almost every free and paid coaching call that I do. And it makes sense right? We’re all in business to make money, doing the things we love doing. Basically living the dream. And while most people shy away from talking about this juicy topic, I could talk about the mindset behind money and making more of it all day long. So today, I’m devoting an entire episode to this topic to shine a light on how the thoughts and stories you have around money are holding you back from making more of it in your biz. If you’re someone who’s struggling to go from simply making enough to MORE THAN enough, this episode is for you!

Show notes

In this episode, I chat about:

  • The five most common stories I hear about money when it comes to growing your business and how to recognize them TODAY so you can shift them and start making more of it

  • Calling some major BS on the myth that “your industry is oversaturated” or “no one wants what you’re selling” and what you can think INSTEAD for more action and profit!

  • The literally life-changing mindset shift I used to build two businesses without going into debt, plus how you can apply this to your biz

  • How to stop holding yourself back in business and start REALLY stepping into your role as CEO

  • The #1 mindset shift to actually thriving in business

  • An extra special offer for those of you looking to get to unearth your money stories in your business so not only do you feel better but your bank account does too

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Shifting your mindset around money so you can trust in yourself to take more of the RIGHT actions and make more of the RIGHT investments in your business can be a serious game-changer. But so many creatives and entrepreneurs are sitting in a story about ALL THE THINGS they need to do to grow their business, and completely missing out on the foundational mindset work it takes to actually follow through on those small, consistent efforts that yield more income and impact. If that sounds all too familiar, you’re absolutely going to want to join me for my FREE Stressed to Success coaching call. Together, we’ll uncover the mindset shift that will make the biggest difference for you, so you can start taking the RIGHT actions, consistently, and start saying “no” to the things that aren’t bringing in results. Head over to amandadennelly.com/freecall to book. I only do three of these each week so get over there and book yours today!

About Amanda Dennelly

Amanda Dennelly is a mindset coach who helps creatives and entrepreneurs who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed to take the RIGHT actions to grow their business. Through one-on-one coaching, she helps them to cultivate the mindset they need to create a beautiful, balanced life and a successful, thriving business because she deeply believes you can have BOTH. She is also the host of the mindset podcast, One Simple Shift. Amanda started her career working with some of the biggest brand names in New York City before moving out west and starting her own design studio. She spent years honing her process and working with creatives and entrepreneurs that struggled to cultivate the mindset they needed to take the RIGHT actions behind the scenes, despite their absolutely beautiful branding. Today, she operates her coaching practice in the mountains outside Denver, Colorado. When she’s not supporting clients, she’s going for early morning trail runs, mid-day walks with her puppy, and Friday sushi dates with her man. To connect with Amanda and take the first step toward creating a more profit and fulfillment, schedule your free coaching call here.